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CJ3 "Drinkware"

CJ3 "Drinkware"

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CJ3 Foundation Etched Drinkware!

The CJ3 “30oz and 20oz Tumblers” feature a double-walled insulation and easy open clear lid. This stainless steel drinkware will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 8 hours! Their rough and tough exteriors are matte black, have our CJ3 Foundation logo laser-etched into them, and the bottoms are tapered to fit in most cup holders!

Hydration is key, and whether you’re talking about Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, or First Responders, etc, you rarely see any of them without something to drink. Now, the big question is always, what's inside the Tumbler? Given the diversity of the group, the crazy shifts these Heroes work, or the individual likes/dislikes of each Hero, there is no telling what their Tumblers are full of...but we have a few guesses based on past experience!

There is the tried and true, keep you hydrated, good old basic drink - Water
There is the staple drink for the GWOT deployed military - “Rip-It”
There is the more natural warm alternative, caffeine fueled, need to remain awake and alert - Coffee
There is the cold brother version to coffee, oftentimes super sweet in the south but plain in the north - Iced Tea
There is the drink for weight lifters, Crossfitters, runners, and other athletes...whether for pre-workout or recovery - Supplement Drinks

Regardless of your drink of choice, reach for the “CJ3 30oz Tumbler” or “CJ3 20oz Tumbler”. They'll maintain the temperature of your drink of choice in a stylish, protective cup while simultaneously repping a phenomenal charity organization!

30oz Tumbler

15oz Coffee Mug

40oz Hydroflask

64oz Growler

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